Current Students
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Graduate Students

Ceara Purcell, MS candidate expected completion 2021

Ceara joined the the Stigall Lab in Fall 2019. Ceara graduated with her Bachelors in Geology from CSU Chico in California, and was employed in geological consulting before starting the MS program. Ceara’s thesis research employs ecological niche modeling to investigate changes in niche breadth within brachiopod lineages before, during, and after the Great Ordovician Biodiversificaiton Event (across the Ordovician Period) in Laurentia. Ceara’s research has been supported by the Geological Society of America (GSA), Paleontological Society, Dry Dredgers, and Ohio University. Ceara presented the initial results of her research at the 2020 Annual Geological Society of American meeting and the IGCP 653 annual meeting “Zooming in the GOBE.”

Ian Forsythe, MS candidate expected completion 2022

Ian first joined the lab in Spring 2018 as an undergraduate researcher, graduated with a BS Honors Thesis in Spring 2019, and started his MS degree in the lab in Fall 2020. Ian is focusing his MS thesis research on investigating changes in paleocommunity structure of Late Ordovician shallow marine communities of the Cincinnati region before and after a pulse of the Richmondian Invasion. Ian’s project will involve substantial field work in the fantastic rocks of the Cincinnati region of SW Ohio, N Kentucky, and SE Indiana.


Kelly O’Meara, BS Geological Sciences expected 2021

For Kelly’s senior thesis research, she is describing a new fauna of freshwater clam shrimp (Spinicaudata) from Jurassic deposits of Utah.  Kelly earned a grant from the Ohio University Provost’s Undergraduate Research Fund to support her research.



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