Current Students
Collecting samples for K12 teacher kits

Graduate Students

Mariana Andrade, MS candidate expected completion 2023 (UTK)

Mariana joined the Stigall Lab in Fall 2022 and is interested in exploring the relationships among morphology, geographic distribution, niche stability, and environmental change.  She completed her BS degree in Biology at the Federal University of Mato Grosso (Brazil). Mariana is excited to expand her expertise into the fossil record. 

Sarah Hennessey, MS candidate expected completion 2023 (OHIO)

Sarah joined the Stigall Lab in Fall 2021 after graduating from DePauw University with her Bachelors in Geology and Studio Art. For her thesis, Sarah is interested in exploring environmental influences on Ordovician brachiopod communities. Sarah loves being in the field and can’t wait to begin collecting samples. Outside of the lab, Sarah is also interested in combining her geology and art background through illustration and exploration of the relationship between the arts and sciences.


We are always on the lookout for outstanding undergrads to join the lab. If you are interested, contact Dr. Stigall.


Lab alumni