Dr. Alycia Stigall
With Middle Ordovician brachiopods along the Baltic Klint

My research focuses on two primary areas of investigation: (1) elucidating the interaction between paleobiogeography, paleoecology, and macroevolution during episodes of biotic overturn, Paleozoic brachiopods are the main taxon of interest in this line in inquiry and (2) phylogenetic and taphonomic analysis of evolutionary patterns in Brachiopoda and Crustacea, particularly Spinicaudata (“Conchostracans”).  My research program emphasizes developing quantitative methods of analysis, particularly developing applications of GIS methods for use in paleobiogeography, phylogenetic reconstruction, and paleobiologic inferences based on phylogenetic hypotheses. The overarching goal of these lines of research is to better constrain the long-term effects of invasive species on biodiversity change, a topic of concern for mitigating the modern biodiversity crisis. I am also actively engaged in digitizing of museum collections and developing outreach tools for educators, avocational paleontologists, and the general public.