Public Outreach
Adriane leads an outreach activity for Athens 4th graders

Informal Science Education


Digital Atlas of Ancient Life, free iOS app for iPhone and iPad. Released September 2015.


Stigall, A.L. 2013-2016. Atlas of Ordovician Life: Exploring the fauna of the Cincinnati Region. www.ordovicianatlas.orgOrdoAtlas

Hendricks, J.R. Lieberman, B.S., and Stigall, A.L. 2013-2016. The Digital Atlas of Ancient Life.

Online presentations:

Ohio University Science Café: Fossil Invasion! Studying ancient species to help predict consequences of modern invasive species. Nov. 2013. Livestream archive.

Dry Dredgers Science Lecture: Tracking species through space and time: How species invasion contributed to the Late Devonian Biodiversity Crisis.  April 2008.  YouTube archive.

K-12 EducationSILAS

I am actively working with colleagues in the Patton College of Education at Ohio University to produce standards aligned lesson plans and professional development for Appalachian teachers via intensive summer workshops, classroom intervention, and curriculum development.  Our professional development program, SILAS, ran during 2012-2013 and focused on scaffolding literacy and assessment strategies to improve learning of physical science and earth history content.  The recently funded, SIPLAS, program will focus on physical science, engineering design, and mathematics.  To date, we have worked intensively with several dozen educators and presented workshops to nearly 200 additional in service teachers.

Some outcomes of this work include:

Stigall, A.L., Dani, D.E., Sickel, A.J., and Helfrich, S.A. 2015. Tried and True: Using observations of fossils to reconstruct ancient environments. Science Scope, 39(2): 10-16. Online

Additional lesson plans: Online

NIMBioS workshop presentation: Oceans of Tennessee: Opportunities for engaging K-16 students via local geology. Feb. 2016. YouTube archive.