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Paleontological Society Grant Sucess

Both Ranjeev and Nilmani were awarded Student Research Awards from the Paleontological Society.  Fittingly, Nilmani’s research of Carboniferous paleoecology will be supported by the N. Gary Lane award, while Ranjeev received the Robert J. Stanton and James R. Dodd Award for his Cenozoic research.


Sarah masters her final defense!

by Alycia Stigall
Sarah's first brachiopod find

Sarah’s first brachiopod find

Sarah impressed both the audience and her committee with her expert defense of her groundbreaking research uncovering the signal of GOBE diversification within articulated brachiopod communities of the American midwest.  Congratulations, Sarah! You’ve come a long way from finding your first brachiopod in Oklahoma!

I’m excited to see what new scientific adventures are in store for you as you pursue your PhD at the University of Nevada, Reno.

In other news, Sarah also presented her thesis results at the Annual Ohio Academy of Science meeting and the Ohio University Student Expo during the past week, where she was awarded first place in geosciences.  If you missed these exciting presentations, be sure to catch Sarah’s talk at the upcoming IGCP 591 meeting in Ghent, Belgium.

Nilmani passes her thesis proposal defense!

by Alycia Stigall
Nilmani meets the Ames Limestone for the first time

Nilmani meets the Ames Limestone for the first time

Nilmani did a great job today presenting and discussing her planned thesis research “Hierarchical spatial patterns in paleocommunities of the Late Pennsylvanian Ames Limestone.”  Congratulations, Nilmani!  Now it’s time for some field work 🙂

Ranjeev defends his MS proposal!

Ranjeev explores his thesis specimens

Ranjeev explores his thesis specimens

Congratulations to Ranjeev on his excellent presentation and masterful defense of the proposal for his master’s thesis “Paleoecology of the freshwater gastropods from the late Oligocene Nsungwe Formation of Tanzania: A window into the initiation of the East African rift system!”